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Business organizations require appropriate cloud and hosting service providers to avoid the need to deal with installation and maintenance of in-house server and stay away from the constant stress of data loss. So, reduce your work pressure and data loss stress by opting for virtualization, which refers to the creation of a software-enabled or virtual version of a computer. We are here to provide this virtual version of a computer, which has dedicated amounts of storage and memory that are borrowed from a physical host computer like individual computers of your employees or your personal computer and a remote server, such as a server in datacenter of cloud provider, which will be Akshat IT Solutions in this case. Therefore, to meet your virtualization requirement, we manage third-party cloud computing accounts– Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DigitalOcean– for your organization. This is done through the provision of Linux- and Windows-based virtual machines (VMs) by us. Our VMs help you create a new server that can be used by you, either as a standalone or as a cloud-based infrastructure. Linux-based VMs can be used for multiple development purposes, whereas, Windows-based VMs can be utilized for personal and corporate Windows workstations. Our VMs offer notable bandwidth are available for all regions.

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